Jay Black

Senior Pastor


Contact email: jay@calvarysimcoe.com

Office: 519-426-5842 ext 201





Jackey Black

Kids Pastor


Contact email: jackey@calvarysimcoe.com

Office: 519-426-5842 ext 203







Mitchell Rutledge

Youth Pastor


Contact email: mitch@calvarysimcoe.com

Office: 519-426-5842 ext 202





Sarah Rutledge



Contact email: sarah@calvarysimcoe.com

Office: 519-426-5842 ext 204






Sherry DePoorter


Sherry & Dan started on staff in August of 2008. Sherry always works hard and never lets the details slip past her. While some would argue her greatest gift is her administrative abilities, we say it’s her ability to handle our crazy pastoral staff!

Contact email: office@calvarysimcoe.com

Office: 519-426-5842 ext 200